Super Affordable Tiny Home


The only thing better than downsizing in a tiny home is doing so on a tiny budget. Scott Brooks spent less then $500 to built his dream tiny home, called Transforming Tiny Home, which was largely made possible by using repurposed and salvaged materials.

Scott’s Transforming Tiny Home measures only 83 square feet (7.7 sq m). Despite its truly tiny size, it is not designed to be movable and rests atop concrete blocks, on a 20-acre plot of land in the Pacific Northwest. The land belongs to Scott’s friend, who also designed the basic shell of the tiny home. The latter was built using materials that were already on hand. Transforming Tiny Home has no bathroom, since there is an outhouse and outdoor shower nearby, which can be used by Scott.

The tiny home is pretty basic, on the whole, and has no fridge, no running water and even no cladding. It also lacks any type of sustainable technology. The electricity is provided through a standard grid hookup, and Scott opted not to install a rainwater catchment system, since he didn’t think it was worth the space it would require.

The interior features a large fold-out loft bed, which is located above the sofa. There is also a well-sized working area, which can be folded open to make space for a two-burner propane stove and a food preparation area. A small, foldable dining table is located in a corner of the home, while the home offers ample amounts of storage too. The home is heated by a wood-burning stove.







Living small definitely requires some life style adjustments, and is probably not suitable for everyone. According to Scott, he makes it work by spending most of his time outdoors, even eating his meals on camping furniture outside.


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