Sustainable Materials for Self Build Projects

Sustainability is so important to many home owners today. So much so, that some they decided to move from a conventional home to one that is built with completely sustainable materials.

Self-building a home isn’t quite as difficult as it seems. Many are now building homes because they are great value for the money and can be designed to specifically meet the needs and wants of the home owners.

Because self-build projects have so many customisation options, it certainly makes sense to go down a more sustainable route, even if the issue of sustainability isn’t necessarily something that is important to you. Each step along the way can actually be done with sustainability in mind:

  • Certified sustainably grown timber can be used for the framing and walls
  • For wood accents such as flooring or support beams use salvaged timber from old homes that have been torn down
  • Recycled materials such as newspaper or plastic drinks bottles can be used for insulation
  • Use biodegradable paints for wall colours and design
  • Countertops can be made of recycled and pressed glass instead of granite

Using each of these materials in your home will be able to dramatically reduce carbon footprint of your home.

In addition to that, eco-friendly sustainable homes also will impact the homeowner’s wallet at the end of each year. Because the homes are built to be super-efficient, they will reduce heating and other energy costs each month.

Self-built homes can also have other things added to them that will increase the sustainability. Solar panels would be one option. A few panels installed on the roof of will generate sustainable energy directly from the sun.
A wood pellet burning boiler would be another eco-friendly option with its very low emissions and extremely high efficiency levels

For any homeowner that is looking to build their own house, they need to know that there are quite a few sustainable options available. If reducing their homes carbon footprint and being eco-friendly is something that is a priority to them, then there is no better way to follow through on these principles that building an eco-friendly home.

This article has been provided by Flat Pack Houses, one of the UK’s leading providers of flat pack homes. They specialise in environmentally friendly wood products for structures, and have been since 1989.  To find out more about the company, please visit the website.

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