Tecta Solar Announces Roof+Solar Financing Program

Tecta Solar, a division of Tecta America Corp., the nation’s largest commercial roofing contractor, has introduced an innovative approach to financing roof replacement and roofing repair costs for its customers by leveraging current Federal and State solar incentives.

tectasolar“This is the first time a single company with Tecta’s roofing and solar capabilities has offered such a program,” says Robert Rabe, Tecta Solar’s director of business development. “We have been contemplating a roof+solar financing program for some time, but we are just now getting to the right inflection point where the costs of solar equipment have fallen, energy costs have risen, and incentives are at a level in many US markets which enable us to do some really exciting things for our customers with little to no out of pocket expenses for them.”

Rabe adds that Tecta’s program is particularly attractive for customers with at least 1 million sq ft of roof area (either a single location or multiple sites in aggregate) located in east and west coast states, but there are also pockets in the southeast and southwest that can make sense for customers as well Robert adds.

Tecta’s roof+solar program is unique to the marketplace for a number of reasons, among them:

1. As the largest commercial roofer with 40 offices nationwide and the 3rd largest commercial solar installer in the US we are able to offer our customers unmatched warrantees, performance guarantees, and management on each the roof and solar assets.

2. Tecta is the largest purchaser of roofing materials in the US enabling us to leverage our purchasing power and pass savings on to our customers.

3. Tecta is solar technology and roofing material agnostic, meaning we are not married to any particular vendors and will only specify the materials that will meet our customers’ unique requirements. This also ensures best possibly pricing for our customers.

4. Unlike most solar integrators, Tecta performs most of the solar equipment installation ourselves, meaning our customers have a single point of contact for all roof and solar work. This eliminates project risks, finger pointing and paves the way for faster implementation.

5. Tecta has an experienced in-house solar finance team that prepares and executes all financing packages and incentive applications on behalf of its customers. Our offerings include turnkey installations, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and roof lease agreements and similar solutions to meet customer circumstances, return requirements and tax statuses.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://www.solarbuildermag.com/news/tecta-solar-announces-roofsolar-financing-program/]

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