Texas is getting a NetZero capable community via Francis Solar, Quick Mount PV

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Francis Solar and Quick Mount PV are supplying Texas’s first NetZero Capable Community, Whisper Valley, with equipment to go solar. The supply partnership has helped the 7,500 home Texas community win the Grand Award at the 2019 Green Builder Media Sustainability Awards. The new community is a model for the future of sustainable living with solar generating the electricity needed to power the community’s homes, helping make each home zero energy capable.

Together, Francis Solar and Quick Mount PV will complete the planned community of 7,500 eco-smart homes over the coming years. Each of the Eco-Smart homes will be fitted with the highest quality roof-top solar systems, geothermal technology, NEST, Google Fiber, and other efficient and sustainable technologies. The team at Francis Solar are Quick Mount PV Installer Pros and have been trained to in-stall every system efficiently using best practices in roofing and solar installation.

Quick Mount PV is supplying the complete racking and mounting system consisting of QRail and L-Mount, to ensure that the system will reach the highest standard of waterproofing and quality. Quick Mount PV’s products are industry-leading for code-compliance, waterproofing, and do not void roofing warranties while Quick Mount PV’s system carries a 25-year warranty.

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Francis Solar was chosen by the community developers as the trusted solar provider because of their commitment to designing an attractive, custom system for each home to ensure maximum output and aesthetics. Each completed Eco-Smart Home is built ready for energy storage and electrical vehicle charging when the homeowner decides to take the next steps in Sustainable Energy Ownership.

“We’re proud to partner with Francis Solar to bring high-quality, low-cost solar systems to the first Net-Zero Capable community in Texas. Consumers want solar and this new community delivers it affordably,” said Quick Mount PV’s President Yann Brandt. “Whisper Valley and communities like it offer a glimpse of the future. Soon most new homes will come with solar already installed as standard—allowing home-owners to save money, reduce their energy bills, and help the environment.”

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[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/texas-is-getting-a-netzero-capable-community-via-francis-solar-quick-mount-pv/]


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