The Environmental Benefits Of Electric Floor Heat

By Nick Johnson

Throughout the colder months the cold from outside can seep into the floors, making everyone in the household actually feel colder. When using radiant floor heating the rooms feel warmer and the flooring actually holds and disperses some of that heat. This is especially true when it is installed under a tile or natural stone floor.

The stone and tile hold heat for a long period of time, cutting back on the amount of energy used when heating the home or any building for that matter. These systems are installed under the actual flooring and connected to a thermostat which is tested before the floor tile is laid out. The heat from the coils warms the flooring which in turn warms the room.

These systems can be connected to a solar or other alternative energy source that is supplying the home. The energy used in a standard furnaceis the fuel to warm the air and the electricity to circulate it. This type of heating is very inefficient. It waits for the air to cool then expends energy to warm it, pushing it through duct systems that need to
be maintained as well.

The environment inside the home can actually be cleaner when using radiant floor heating since dust and allergens won’t be circulated along with the heated air in a duct system. The air is warmed by the heat from the floor as opposed to be sucked through a system. This can cut down on allergic reactions and breathing problems in the winter, along with cold spots in the house.

Floor heating is much more efficient than using space heaters in rooms where there is no existing duct work. In warmer climates there are some older homes that have had no heating systems installed at all except maybe a small fireplace. Installing in floor heating and natural stone in these homes adds more than value and beauty, it keeps the floors warm when it’s cold and cool when it is warm.

The combination of radiant floor heat and tile or stone also helps save trees by not using wood floors, and keeps toxins out of the building by not using carpet. The in home environment can actually have more chemical pollutants than outdoor air when too many chemicals are used inthe construction and decorating of the home. Cutting back on these can help improve your family’s overall health in the long run.

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