The MC4 connector line from Stäubli continues to evolve with the solar industry

Staubli mc4

Stäubli has provided connection technology to the global solar industry since the beginning (it’s impossible to imagine the market without it, really), and the evolution of its product line continues to move right along with all of the changes in the solar market itself.

The original MC4 is no longer just a pioneer among PV connectors, it is an international benchmark. Over 255 GW of solar power have been installed with the original MC4 connector. The solar modules are installed in Stubli connectors.

The MC4-Evo AC concept represents an addition to the MC4 family. Originally developed for power inverters, this product is now used in other applications such as exterior lighting and charging solutions. Its flat design, the high IP rating, and a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening are key features for many design engineers. To ensure the fast and error-free installation, the connectors are pre-assembled, including cables.

Now that the solar PV tracker segment is showing rapid growth — involving individual components from control units to actuators to radio links — various Stäubli connectors can be used to set a uniform quality standard in solar power plants.

In the innovation department, smart connectors are tested to expand the digital ecosystem of the PV industry. The analysis and processing of a new era in the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Such new connectors are also a key role in safety concepts: the Stäubli InterRaptr is a rapid shutdown receiver integrated into the cabling that immediately reduces the power to a voltage level in a case of an emergency. Several countries have already shut down devices in the relevant safety standards to protect the rescue forces.

— Solar Builder magazine



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