Tigo Energy enhances solar O&M efforts with EI Fleet Manager

Tigo EI Fleet Manager

Tigo Energy released a new fleet management experience within its Energy Intelligence (EI) platform called Tigo EI Fleet Manager. With Fleet Manager, Tigo hopes to decrease operations and maintenance (O&M) costs and increase system performance and revenue for installers.

The fleet management capabilities sit within an interactive dashboard that provides actionable system performance data from the fleet down to the module level. EI Fleet Manager gives solar installers new tools to manage solar portfolios of all sizes by drilling into deployment and commissioning data and automating issue remediation. Fault analytic capabilities allow solar installers to see current conditions and review a detailed history of deployed devices.

With EI Fleet Manager, operators can uncover trends and extract actionable insights from the data streams produced by the systems they manage, all through a comprehensive dashboard. Since not all solar sites are the same size and support schedules vary, the Tigo EI Fleet Manager allows custom-organized groupings of systems by common attributes like equipment type, location, size or status.

“The growing installed base of our solar installers inevitably also requires them to become solar fleet managers, and access to sophisticated energy and equipment analytics becomes essential,” said Archie Roboostoff, VP of Software at Tigo. “This expansion of the Tigo technology stack transforms a comprehensive data set, from energy demand to module-level reporting and actionable insights. With the ability to monitor and manage customer systems with just a few clicks, installers can use EI Fleet Manager to ensure efficient and safe operation of all monitored solar assets.”

From visibility into pending and in-progress installations to comprehensive system and production status indicators, EI Fleet Manager offers system diagnosis and in-depth monitoring of more than a dozen critical health and performance metrics for deployed solar systems.

With this level of visibility, Tigo EI Fleet Manager makes it easy to pinpoint and quickly deploy mitigations across devices from various vendors, from the system level down to the module.

“In addition to supplying more and more relevant data points, the EI Fleet Manager enables Tigo Energy to group equipment and sites in unique ways, unlocking new possibilities for the company and its clients to monitor their operations and improve their overall performance,” said Zvi Alon, CEO at Tigo Energy.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/inverters/tigo-energy-enhances-solar-om-efforts-with-ei-fleet-manager/]


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