Tiny Shipping Container Home That Doesn’t Skimp on Space


Here is an tiny home built out of a recycled shipping container that is a great example of just how easy it is to create a comfortable and functional home using one of these awesome building blocks. The home was ingeniously designed by Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes, and built from a single 20-foot shipping container.

Brenda has been a fan of cargotecture for a while now, and she has now used all she learned in her career to design her tiny home. The house measures just 107 square feet, and she kept it this small so that she did not require a council building permit.

Despite it’s modest size, the home is still laid out in a very functional way. A small kitchen and office are located on either side of the front door, which was cut into one of the container’s longer sides. Since Brenda works from home for part of the week, she needed the office to be functional and comfortable.


The kitchen is fully functional and equipped with a portable gas burner, which is stowed away under the bench, and only taken out when needed. There is also a BBQ outside the container, in a small covered nook, to be used for cooking larger meals. The kitchen takes up about half of the interior space, while the rest is taken up by the lounge area and the bedroom.



Brenda made a slight alteration to more conventional tiny house designs in that she placed the living area in the lofted space, and kept the sleeping space on the ground floor. This is certainly one of the things that give this home such an open feeling. The bedroom ceiling is just high enough so a person can sit up on the bed, and the space is very cozy. There is also a full wardrobe running along one of the sidewalls, which offers plenty of storage for clothes.



This shipping container home design is definitely worth studying for its simple innovations, which yielded great results.

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