Tracking trackers: Valmont Utility is bringing its solar tracker technology to the North American market

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Valmont Utility, a business segment of Valmont Industries, Inc., is using its worldwide manufacturing infrastructure and established global supply chain to provide utilities with solar technology options for generating power. Valmont Utility supports and meets the needs of utilities by designing and manufacturing solutions for transmission, distribution, substation and now renewable generation through solar structures and technology such as the Convert TRJ Single-Axis Tracker.

Yury Reznikov, Vice President of Solar, says Valmont Utility recognized the opportunity of working in the solar space because of demand for more viable and innovative solar options in the utility sector in North America.

“Customers in our market have urged us to provide a full range of utility infrastructure – to make everything work together and streamline the process, from solar technology to substations and beyond,” stated Reznikov.

Measuring the pulse of the market led Valmont to acquire Convert Italia SpA in 2018, a global leader with more than 10 years’ experience in the solar industry, 35 years in the energy sector and proven product capabilities with more than 1.5 gigawatts installed worldwide. The combination of more than 45 years of expertise from Valmont, and Convert’s established solar technology, brings the TRJ Single-Axis Tracker to the North American market.

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“We know our utility customers, and we want to make it easier for them and their contractors by putting all the systems into place,” says Aaron Schapper, Valmont Group President Utility Support Structures. “With the industry showcasing basically the same technology for a vast number of years, the last five to six years have seen unprecedented growth in the renewable space, and utilities have been quick to change with it.”

Reznikov says commitment to their utility customers led Valmont Utility to take Convert’s proven solar model and re-engineer it to meet North American standards. “We’ve established engineering, operations and project management teams specific to North America, allowing us to provide a complete solution with a North American focus. Our products and our service are driven by quality. Not only will the solar structures provide the endurance needed for large-scale utility projects, Valmont will be here for the duration to back our product, with engineering, project support and service teams.”

“The flexibility of our established global supply chain allows us to quickly react to the changing conditions that affect the daily nuances our customers face. Valmont Utility can provide a holistic grid to utilities and maximize value,” adds Reznikov.

— Solar Builder magazine


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