Trina Storage launches Elementa 2 with new ESS safety features

Trina Storage Elementa 2

Safety and fire prevention is of utmost concern in energy storage systems. Trina Storage launched Elementa 2 in February, its new large-scale energy storage system (ESS) that features an upgraded pack design, smart liquid cooling for thermal management, and a robust fire mitigation and suppression system.

This grid-scale LFP battery system (4.07 MWh total capacity) was “built from the ground up using Trina´s vertically integrated LFP cells,” says Helena Li, Executive President at Trina Solar. The 306Ah Trina LFP cells in the upgraded battery pack design improve energy density by up to 16%.

“As the energy landscape evolves, it’s imperative for companies to remain proactive and anticipate the evolving needs of customers,” she says. “Elementa 2 is primed to meet market dynamic demands on capacity, safety & flexibility, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, comprehensive safety, and long-term reliability for our valued customers.”

The Elementa 2 has multi-dimensional testing and targeted design for higher precision in fault detection at the cell level. This enhances electrical and mechanical safety, the company says. At the system level, Elementa 2 integrates early fire hazard detection and suppression systems to prevent and counter thermal runaway.

Beyond safety enhancements, Elementa 2 boasts a modular design for more customization across various markets. It is available in 2-hr as well as 4-hr configurations.

The design improvements also saved space. Trina points to a 26% reduction through a one-side door open feature and back-to-back system layout. Elementa 2 adopts a standardized 20ft size to reduce shipping costs.

Trina Solar established Trina Storage in 2015. Read more about Trina Solar’s growth to this point and its outlook for solar + storage in the U.S. in this Q&A with the company president.

— Solar Builder magazine




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