Trojan Battery adds new AES AGM batteries

Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery Co. continues to address the needs of the global battery market with the addition of two DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) German Industrial Standard-sized batteries to its Trojan AES family.

The new batteries – TE35 and 5SHP – feature the inherent advantages of the Trojan AES AGM batteries, including up to 3x the cycle life, three-year limited warranty, high-capacity in extreme deep-cycling, and ability to withstand harsh environments, for added value and greater return on investment (ROI) for OEMs and rental companies while providing less equipment downtime for end users.

Advanced technologies from Trojan Battery, the AES (Advanced Energy Storage) family establishes new benchmarks in performance and reliability when installed in scrubbers, cleaners, floor sweepers, burnishers, and similar floor care equipment. Trojan’s AES AGM batteries are engineered with a proprietary carbon additive and DCS technology to work in a partial state of charge while preserving both the negative active material and the positive material.

The robust design creates multiple benefits for OEMs, rental companies, and end users. The Trojan AES batteries are tested at 1,200 cycles compared to 400 cycles for AGM alternatives per the BCI-06 test. Complementing the best-in-class cycle life is superior power throughput so the batteries charge quickly. They have been tested to withstand Partial State of Charge (PSoC), creating high rate plus power.

Designed and manufactured to absorb vibration and shock, the AES batteries can withstand the most rigorous conditions and require minimal maintenance, as watering is not required. A wide -40° C to 71° C temperature range allows the batteries to be used in areas with extreme temperatures, such as commercial freezers.

For nearly a century, Trojan Battery Company has provided batteries to meet the needs of golf, personal transportation, and utility vehicles as well as marine equipment, floor-cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, and material-handling equipment. Trojan Battery Company has revolutionized deep-cycle battery technology by introducing generations of deep-cycle flooded, lithium-ion, gel, AGM, and AES batteries.

Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Trojan Battery operates manufacturing facilities in Sandersville and Lithonia, Georgia; Santa Fe Springs, California; Reynosa, Mexico; and Shanghai, China; two advanced Research and Development Centers in the United States; offices in Europe and Asia; and a worldwide network of Trojan Master Distributors. Visit Trojan Battery Company, a part of C&D Technologies.

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