Ubiquitous Energy is getting closer to commercializing its transparent solar coating for windows

Ubiquitous solar window coating

1 square meter ClearView Power window façade at the company’s exhibit at Glass Performance Days in Finland, June 2019 (Photo: Business Wire)

Transparent solar technology company Ubiquitous Energy has started a new research and testing program for its ClearView Power technology (CVP) — a see-through solar coating that can be applied to the vertical surfaces of buildings, turning traditional windows into highly energy-efficient and electricity-generating windows.

The research program is being partially funded by a $3 million grant that Ubiquitous Energy was awarded from the California Energy Commission (BRIDGE). Ubiquitous will be working with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and its legendary Windows Group, experts in the testing of windows and window-coating performance.

“We are working to accelerate the development and testing of CVP so that it can be used by the glass and window industry for window energy-efficiency,” said Ubiquitous Energy CTO Miles Barr. As part of Ubiquitous Energy’s commercialization efforts, the company has received preliminary feedback that CVP is a clear, transparent, and aesthetically pleasing window coating that is acceptable to architects, designers and occupants.

The research and testing program with Berkeley Lab will focus on the testing and validation of the performance of CVP. “We are looking forward to working with this industry partner to test their transparent solar window,” said Charlie Curcija, Berkeley Lab’s lead researcher on the project.

Applied directly to glass using standard glass-coating equipment, Ubiquitous Energy’s ClearView Power is a transparent solar coating that selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light (ultraviolet and infrared) to electricity while transmitting visible light. CVP doubles as a solar-control coating in addition to its electricity generation by blocking infrared light that is commonly known as solar heat.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/products/ubiquitous-energy-is-getting-closer-to-commercializing-its-transparent-solar-coating-for-windows/]






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