Underground Surety and three other cool things RBI Solar is talking about at SPI 2019

RBI Solar_Dahlia

RBI Solar’s Dahlia

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Dahlia. What if you could increase the ground coverage ratio (GCR) on your next project and not have to worry about the complex variables that come with a tracker system? The low tilt and clearance design of the Dahlia [pictured above] is engineered to maximize the PV coverage on a given site, creating a greater financial return for project owners and integrators. With the simplified engineering of a fixed-tilt system, Dahlia requires fewer connections to be made in the field, making installation a breeze.

Underground Surety. Budgeting for projects can be challenging. The unknown underground risk factors or installation complications in the field can make or break your bottom line. Despite extensive on-site testing, there always remains a possibility of encountering underground obstructions in the field. This causes delays, which have a financial impact on the project, whether it be needing additional materials/equipment or time to remedy the challenges. With Underground Surety, RBI is accepting this risk and all of the costs associated with it. Customers will not receive change orders and projects will be completed on schedule.

RBI Solar Sunflower

Sunflower single-axis tracker. It’s time to change the perception of trackers. The Sunflower breaks away from the limitations associated with commercial single-axis trackers and aims to redefine how trackers are utilized in the marketplace. With adjustable, independent row lengths up to 120 modules, layouts can cover more real estate and no longer be confined to box-shaped designs. The terrain following capabilities accommodate North/South slopes up to 10 percent, lowering land acquisition costs and/or helping to reduce the amount of civil work required before installation.

CP-G. In urban settings and corporate campuses across the United States, parking garages serve as an efficient method to station vehicles. At the top of every parking garage structure lies the possibility of clean, renewable energy. RBI Solar’s CP-G design is a highly customized canopy solution to meet the engineering requirements for any unique garage structure. From cost effective designs to architecturally aesthetic solutions, RBI’s in-house design and engineering teams can transform any parking garage into a viable solar energy resource.

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