Unique Recycled Stools


Recycling is a must and finding new, and creative ways to do it is always welcome. One example of this is the Stool ZERO concept developed by the KaCaMa Design Lab of Hong Kong. It is a great example of how repurposing hard to recycle trash can lead to a beautiful piece of furniture, which anyone can put together.

Stool ZERO is a unique chair, which is made from discarded ventilator fans and scrap wire, two materials that can be easily found in landfills and local recycling centers worldwide. The fan cage is used as the base for the seat of this stool. The colorful plastic wire casings are then entwined together over this cage to create the finished stool. And even the copper from the wires, which is taken out prior to using the plastic wire casings to make the chair seat, is recycled or reused elsewhere.

threading the wire

The threads of plastic wire casings provide ample cushioning to the seat, though I suppose additional cushioning can also be made from repurposed materials, such as old clothes, discarded foam and more. The wooden legs on this example look brand new, but the wood that goes into making this stool is probably the easiest to repurpose, as it is a very abundant material.

This is definitely a very nice looking piece of furniture, and a great example of what can be done with repurposed materials. I’m also pretty sure this design could be upscaled to make dining room chairs and even sofas. It’s also a very unique stool, which does not in any way show that it was actually made from trashed materials.

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