Upcoming Webinar | Deep dive into Panasonic EVERVOLT Home Storage solutions

Panasonic EVERVOLT webinar

Thursday May 9 | 2 pm EDT | Register here

Join us for an exciting webinar diving deep into the world of EVERVOLT Energy Storage Systems (ESS) technology. Vikki Kumar, systems engineering manager at Panasonic North America, will discuss:

  • Deep dive into EVERVOLT Energy Storage Systems (ESS) technology, exploring advanced functionalities and applications
  • Differentiation strategies: Learn how to set yourself apart by offering smart load control solutions
  • Gain practical knowledge and techniques to elevate your installations and meet client demands effectively
  • Attending this training will allow you to get certified and start offering EVERVOLT solutions to customers and grow your business

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What’s new? Panasonic debuted the newest edition of its EVERVOLT Hybrid inverter earlier this year. The EVERVOLT hybrid inverter combines battery and solar PV inverter into one energy efficient unit for solar energy production, storage and use for residential applications.

This system can be upgraded to the solar and battery system for homeowners who are considering introducing a battery system in the future in order to back up the entire/partial home and to reduce the electricity cost.

The EVERVOLT hybrid allows up to 15.2 kW of DC input with three Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) for higher yields and flexible design. NEMA-4X rated and weatherproof design, means it can be safely installed indoors or outdoors. The integrated transmitter enables easy installation of rapid shutdown devices for safe PV array connections.

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— Solar Builder magazine

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