USCE launches clean energy platform with US Solar as first operating business

USCE clean energy platform solar planning

US Clean Energy LLC (USCE) has launched a new platform aimed at the growing need for clean energy infrastructure, capital and technology that support and facilitate the evolving energy transition. USCE will act as the holding company and corporate resource center for its clean energy operating businesses, with US Solar as its first operating business.

US Solar is a developer, owner, operator and financier of solar generation and energy storage projects with a pipeline exceeding 2 GWdc.

USCE will continue to invest heavily in solar while also expanding into and developing other clean energy capabilities that support commercial and residential energy users. The company will be led by CEO Martin Mobley, president Shawn Mobley and other leaders from its business units and operating businesses.

“We are thrilled to be launching the US Clean Energy platform, which will allow us to expand and deepen our impact on the clean energy evolution,” Martin Mobley said. “Our goal is to accelerate the deployment of clean energy solutions, creating a more sustainable and energy-independent future for everyone.”

USCE will be focused on providing innovative solutions that support the growth of the solar industry and decarbonization solutions across sectors. The company will be exploring products and services that draw on or complement the current capabilities of US Solar, with the end goal of helping communities and customers achieve clean energy ambitions.

“Everything we are building is tied to the clean energy transition that is currently underway,” Shawn Mobley said. “We are committed to supporting our clients and employees as we work to be at the forefront of this movement.”

US Solar will operate as a portfolio company of USCE, providing businesses and residents with the same high-quality service they have come to expect. USCE’s platform launch and resources will allow US Solar to expand its reach and impact in the clean energy industry.

“I am excited for the opportunities the USCE platform will bring to the US Solar business,” said Reed Richerson, president of US Solar. “This will allow us to grow our capabilities, better support our clients and further accelerate the role of solar in the clean energy transition.”

— Solar Builder magazine



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