WATCH: Advice for installing on a challenging solar site

A big challenge for solar going forward, as the industry soars, is accommodating projects that just a few years ago would not have been considered viable sites. Luckily, smart people, like solar industry engineers, have been working hard to address these challenges and provide on-the-ground guidance and product solutions.

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SunLink, for example, has tweaked its GeoPro system to address some of today’s challenges (read about those here), and recently hosted a webinar on the topic: “Managing the Unexpected: Anticipating and Adapting to Installation Unknowns.” In the webinar, the SunLink team goes in-depth on project realities, market trends, lessons learned from the install team in the field and some product solutions from the engineering team. And you’re in luck because if you missed it, you can view the entire thing in the video above.

— Solar Builder magazine


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