Watch: EcoMen Solar constructs PV system to offset tenant loads at this New Jersey plaza

EcoMen Solar completed a 75.6 kW PV system for Poet’s Square Plaza in Freehold, N.J. The installed solar systems for this property take care of the common load as well as the tenant load for multiple buildings. In this case, there are 4 distinct systems installed on 3 of the buildings. The buildings chosen were those optimally oriented for solar energy systems. Being the systems are owned by the property owner, all incentives can be fully realized and the electrical savings directly reduce the expense structure for this property in their portfolio. EcoMen went with Silfab Solar Panels and SolarEdge inverters.

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Due to the properties stated zone, there were multiple paperwork processes and township meetings necessary to gain AHJ approval from all relevant township offices. In order to ensure the successful outcome for all parties, EcoMen Solar worked very closely with Poets Square Associates, LLC and the Township of Freehold Planning Board over the course of 11 months. Special considerations were given throughout the process to guarantee a fully functioning system that also satisfied all township obligations.

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