Westhaven offers four solar + generator packages in wake of California outages

westhaven solar generator

In the wake of the California power outages, the complete home energy solution provider, Westhaven Inc., announced the availability of solar powered generator packages for homes impacted by the shutdown: The Haven, The Californian, The Equalizer, and The Power Up.

“With three power outages in less than a month, consumers need an alternative sustainable solution,” said Brett Joerger, CEO of Westhaven Inc. “For homes affected by the mandatory public safety power cuts, we can help them power back up in less than 15 seconds and work towards uninterrupted power supply.”

Westhaven consumers continue to have power while others experience outages during the crisis. With more than a 300 percent increase in generator sales since the development, the company is keen on helping consumers achieve energy independence. The product packages introduced by Westhaven Inc. are designed for every home and consumer need.

• The Haven: For those who want energy independence and to help minimize your home’s carbon footprint, you’ll receive a 22 kW or 16 kW generator, panel solution, and a whole house service equipment transfer switch and load centers.
• The Californian: Perfect for homeowners impacted or located in high risk areas in need of a solution, installation includes a 22 kW or 16 kW generator, 100A breaker in existing main panel, and service equipment rated transfer switch and load centers.
• The Equalizer: Ideal for larger spaces, the portable generator comes with 50a manual transfer switch, gas can, and a flashlight.
• The Power Up:Practical for occasional outage, this includes a heavy duty, portable generator, 30a manual transfer switch, gas can, and a flashlight.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/westhaven-offers-four-solar-generator-packages-in-wake-of-california-outages/]






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