XDModo Solar Charger Sticks to Windows

XDModo solar charger

Looking for a solar charger? Of course you are. You do, after all, depend on your portable electronic devices to work, and they, in turn, depend on electricity. Solar chargers have the unique advantage of both providing power on the go and providing it via renewable energyin recent years, the market has been exploding with these little gizmos.

One of the slickest we’ve seen recently is the Solar Window Charger from XDModo, a company offering products developed by an international team of designers. This solar charger (brought to our attention by Red Ferret) comes with an easy attachment for window mounting, ensuring that it sucks up all the available rays of the sun while recharging your phone or other portable electronic device.

XDModo Solar Charger

image via Design3000

It features both a big USB and small USB output, making it a natural choice for juicing portables both large and small. The solar charger, made of silver-colored plastic, presents its little solar panel to the out-of-doors while presenting those indoors with a smooth, ergonically designed exterior surface. It contains a 1400mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a mini USB cable, measures 4.3 by 4.3 inches and is just less than three-quarters inches thick, meaning it can slide easily into your purse, bag or even back pocket. At  just 4.7 ounces, it shouldn’t weigh you down much, either.

Red Ferret reports that the XDModo Solar Charger absorbs both heat and energy from the sun while keeping your smartphone cool, which it can completely recharge when its own internal battery is charged via solar juice.

The cost of the product is around $66, and it ships from Denmark, so you’re certainly paying a little more than you would for some other solar chargers we’ve seen, but this looks to be a quality product designed for convenient charging.

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