Check out Ciel & Terre’s floating PV setup at Intersolar this year

International solar energy company Ciel & Terre International will be exhibiting its patented Hydrelio system technology with a floating photovoltaic (FPV) display at Intersolar North America for the second consecutive year in booth #9744 and #9745 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Ciel & Terre has made waves in the solar power world for over 10 years with experience installing their large-scale floating PV systems all around the world. Their completed projects, placed in various market applications and countries, showcases FPV taking shape as a real alternative to traditional PV commonly seen in the form of roof-top and ground-mounted systems.

In the past year, the organization increases their US reach with their first public utility project in Orlando, alongside their local Florida representative D3 Energy and in partnership with the Orlando Utilities Commission. Ciel & Terre installed a 31.5 kWp floating solar system on the OUC’s storm water storage reservoir, a dead water space at the facility, and is expected to generate up to 51,000 kWh per year.

Check out this floating solar project completed in Orlando via D3 Energy

Besides application in public utilities, Ciel & Terre’s expertise has also allowed them to successfully present the first hybrid FPV and hydroelectric system in the world, realized in partnership with EDP Group and D2M-Energytransit. Installed at the Alto Ra-bagão Dam in Portugal, it has a peak capacity of 220 kW and is expected to generate 332 MWh in its first year.

The Hydrelio system by Ciel & Terre earned them finalist positions in two categories of the Intersolar Europe Awards, including winning the Photovoltaics Award, which honors entries for innovative technical products and solutions, and the Outstanding Solar Projects Award for their project in the Alto Rabagão hydroelectric dam project, which pays tribute to applications that set a particularly inspiring example in driving the global energy transformation forward.

— Solar Builder magazine

GAF installs its first fully integrated solar roofing system DecoTech

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, announced that Bay Valley Contractors completed a fully integrated residential solar panel installation. The 5.1 kW DecoTech Solar Roofing System was installed on a home in Concord, Calif. This location follows several successful installations on test sites throughout the U.S.

Decotech install

Simple installation and attractive design

DecoTech Solar Roofing System is the sleek, low-profile, integrated solar roof system that GAF offers at an affordable price. The system provides a seamless aesthetic and is installed directly to the roof deck – unlike rack-mounted solar panel systems that sit above the roof and require multiple points of entry. Its unique fastening mechanism and flashed perimeter maintain the integrity of the roof and help protect against moisture and leaks.

“Building on the GAF expertise in roofing and solar, we designed DecoTech to be intuitive for roofing contractors to install and affordable for homeowners to choose,” said Tommy Rodrigues, research scientist and head of solar product design and development at GAF. “Our high-output panels use best-in-class technology, allowing consumers to harness maximum solar energy.”

“The DecoTech design simplifies the installation process,” said Ryan Diaz, vice president at Bay Valley Contractors, the company that completed the installation. “Other solar panel systems require contractors to drill into the roof to locate rafters, but DecoTech has an interlocking system that fastens directly to the roof deck, which helps cut down on installation time.”

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Heritage in roofing and solar

GAF has a 130-year history in roofing and decades of experience in solar, including several patents on solar roofing products, a Solar Elite Contractor certification program, and proprietary solar financing relationships that have given the company a unique perspective on the market. The DecoTech Solar Roofing System, which is available for purchase and installation across the U.S., is the latest product in the growing GAF solar portfolio.

“We are seeing accelerated interest in DecoTech among consumers seeking to lower energy costs and find sustainable solutions. GAF is proud to offer an elegant solution with exceptional warranty protections for homeowners,” said Patrick Brokaw, GAF senior residential solar program territory manager for the Western region. “DecoTech’s aesthetic appeal and ease of installation make it unique to anything on the market today, and we are committed to continued growth and innovation in solar.”

GAF has multiple DecoTech Solar Roofing System installations scheduled across the country through-out the coming weeks and continues to introduce its offerings to leading roofing and solar contractors.

DecoTech is the proprietary GAF Solar Roofing System. With a low-profile, sleek design and mono-chromatic Deco Black gloss finish, the high-output solar panels offer a seamless aesthetic. Its concealed wires, metal frame, and waterproofing elements provide durability and allow the panels to shed water just like shingles. The interlocking system, which fastens directly to the roof deck, is de-signed for simple and fast installation by GAF factory-certified roofing contractors.

— Solar Builder magazine

Meet Smappee Plus: The latest advanced energy monitoring to enter the U.S. solar market

smappee solar storageNow entering the U.S. solar market, Smappee Plus is the latest innovation from Smappee’s burgeoning energy monitoring solutions which have seen widespread adoption across Europe since 2012. The product combines Smappee’s patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology with submetering clamps to measure real-time energy use from appliances throughout a user’s home including those with variable output or similar energy consumption patterns, giving previously undetectable transparency to energy use.

Ideal for homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus also acts as an energy controller by directing energy traffic within a users’ home to maximize both energy efficiency and clean energy payback. With many homes now, and in the future becoming ‘smart homes’ featuring multiple energy installations such as solar, heat pumps and batteries, Smappee Plus is designed for the current and future home, including optimization for peer-to-peer energy trading on microgrids using blockchain technology.

“Smappee Plus has been developed to become the new standard in home energy monitor-ing”, stated Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee. “With the European Commission recently forecasting that 68 million homes in Europe and the US will be smart homes by 2019, con-sumers increasingly require a more intelligent, reliable means to monitor their energy. We’ve designed Smappee Plus to be a central energy hub, monitoring and managing the various energy flows of the present and future smart home, ultimately bringing greater en-ergy ownership to homeowners.”

Smappee Plus will be sold exclusively to solar distributors and installers within the US. The company are looking to address the recurring issue of high customer acquisition costs by empowering installers and distributors with value add monitoring system to to reengage their existing and potential customers. Additionally, Smappee Plus provides solar profes-sionals with a route into the growing smart home market, offering a superior product and strong differentiation in an increasingly competitive solar market.

Smappee with be showcasing their Smappee Plus at the Impress Lounge during next month’s Intersolar North America at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, July 11-13 2017.

— Solar Builder magazine

Sungage, Sunnova add Seraphim Solar USA modules to approved product lists

U.S.-based solar photovoltaic module manufacturer Seraphim Solar USA says its high-efficiency, American-made solar modules have been approved by major residential solar finance companies for their installer networks. Sungage Financial and Sunnova are among the finance firms that have added Seraphim USA to their approved vendor lists, citing the manufacturer’s bankability, product quality, and reliability. As a result, installers across the country can now offer Seraphim USA modules to their customers as part of their home solar financing packages.

seraphim pv modules

The news comes as Seraphim USA accelerates its production ramp at the company’s fully automated, state-of-the-art PV module manufacturing factory in Jackson, Mississippi. One of the largest facilities of its kind in the U.S., the 160 MW facility is producing 60- and 72-cell polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon modules for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and military customers in the United States.

“Thanks to the confidence our finance partners and our customers have in our products, we’ve seen our order intake grow — we’re shipping our modules as fast as we can make them and are actively hiring production staff,” said Steve Ostrenga, vice president of sales for Seraphim Solar USA. “With uncertainty clouding some parts of the U.S. solar manufacturing community, developers and installers who want top-quality, U.S.-made products are looking to us as a reliable and bankable supplier.”

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“The Seraphim Solar USA team has demonstrated operational excellence, both in terms of their people and their module manufacturing, as well as a solid track record of bankability,” said Jordan Fruge, chief marketing officer of Sunnova. “These attributes convinced us they belonged on our approved vendor list.”
Seraphim Solar USA further enhances the bankability of its modules by backstopping its 25-year warranty with a comprehensive PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services policy.

“Like the other Tier One solar manufacturers whose products we insure, Seraphim Solar USA meets stringent requirements for quality and reliability,” said Mike McMullen, co-founder of PowerGuard Insurance. “Solar developers, installers and EPCs can rest assured that Seraphim USA modules meet project financing and investor requirements.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Tigo adds two more solar optimizers to UHD-Core lineup

Tigo logo

Tigo’s adding a few more options to its UHD-Core optimizers lineup announced last March. Joining the TS4-L (Long Strings) and TS4-O (Optimization) will be TS4-M (Monitoring) and TS4-S (Safety). The UHD-Core TS4-M is a cost-efficient MLPE monitoring device that produces a high sampling rate. The TS4-S adds to TS4-M’s functionality by providing module-level deactivation capabilities. The company says this release completes its TS4 platform featuring an enhanced design architecture and component rating.

TS4 optimizers explained

Tigo TS4 optimizers with UHD-Core technology support more module types than any other optimizer on the market for three reasons. First, the maximum input voltage at standard testing conditions has improved to 90V which allows for compatibility of modules with up to 96 cells. Second, the maximum input current has increased to 12A which enables the use of the highest efficiency and bifacial modules on the market. Third, the power capacity has upgraded to 475W to support the world’s most powerful modules. These enhanced electrical characteristics of the UHD-Core technology result in higher energy harvest for any module up to 475W.

“The demand for our innovative UHD-Core technology in the TS4-L and TS4-O optimizers was so impressive that we have expanded the offering to include TS4-M and TS4-S,” said Zvi Alon, CEO of Tigo. “Our commercial and utility customers will be pleased with lower O&M costs, safer solutions, and expanded inventory. Now that our TS4 platform has the highest accuracy in remote module-level monitoring, we plan to bring more superior communication solutions to the market in the near future.”

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This TS4 UHD-Core platform is fully monitored through Tigo’s Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) data loggers with remotely upgradeable firmware. The high definition sampling rate technology also allows the highest accuracy remote monitoring of voltage and current available in the market – including remote access to individual module information (i.e. panel type, barcode, manufacturing origin, location, and production date). All Tigo TS4 platform products are autonomous and feature selective deployment. They can be fitted to new or existing installations on any string or sub-string size, driving the optimization cost as low as 2 cents per watt. They are compatible with most of Tigo’s inverter partners and any module type including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial.

— Solar Builder magazine