SnapNrack’s new RL System requires only four components

snapnrack rl mounting

SnapNrack announced late last year that it would be debuting its all new RL System, which was to further reduce solar installation times and lower installations costs for customers. Word is that this new RL System is now ready for purchase.

What’s new?

The RL System requires only 4 components for complete assembly with A Mounts, B Mounts, C Links, and Flash Tracks. Flash Tracks secure A Mounts and B Mounts to the roof using patented Umbrella Seal technology.

  • A Mounts align the front of the array with a sleek black finish and drop-in design for module insertion.
  • B Mounts secure the top side of modules and provide drop-in mounting for next row of modules.
  • C Links attach modules within a row and provide both a structural and electrical connection.

SnapNrack believes its RL system is the only one without rails that doesn’t require a skirt to look aesthetically pleasing.

RL provides top-notch wire management solutions for systems that don’t contain rails. New Smart Clips provides intuitive wire management at any point along the module and easily tucks wires away within the module envelope to avoid any unintended removal over time. Wire Savers provide the ability to secure loose wires post module install perfect for last minute wire management.

See it live

On Feb. 7, SnapNrack will host a live online webinar course, Benefits in Speed and Logistics Using the RL System. The course is also registered for one NACEP CE credit. The one hour course will discuss the features and benefits of the new system as well as how logistics are improved by removing rails from the system. Participants can register for online webinar by visiting SnapNrack’s Events Calendar.

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SnapNrack debuts new universal wire clamp (compatible with Enphase Q Cables)

SnapNrack mounting

At Solar Power International, SnapNrack debuted its new Universal Wire Clamp, which will further enhance the company’s wire management solutions to reduce solar installation times and lower installations costs for customers.

The new SnapNrack Universal Wire Clamp is perfect for managing PV Wires and Enphase Q Cables on the roof. In fact, SnapNrack says this is the only wire clamp currently offered by any racking manufacturer for the Enphase Q Cables and PV Wires. The Universal Wire Clamp has the capability of securing four PV wires or two Enphase Q cables.

The Universal Wire Clamp is designed to organize and secure wires and cables with a lasting tight fit over the life of the system for any SnapNrack Series 100 Residential Roof Mount installation.

In addition to the Universal Wire Clamp, SnapNrack’s line of wire management solutions includes the Junction Box, Wire Retention Clips and Conduit Support Clamps. The full wire management line is made of materials which have been selected for their high UV exposure capability and ability to handle extreme rooftop conditions commonly seen under solar arrays.

SnapNrack customers can now purchase the entire wire management product line, including the Universal Wire Clamp, through their authorized SnapNrack Distributor.

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On the scene: New solar installation products we saw at the California Solar Power Expo

We attended the California Solar Expo in San Diego last week. Here’s a rundown of some of the notable new solar products we spotted around the trade show floor.

S5 standing seam

S-5! is known for its rigorous testing and compliance standards for mounting solar on standing seam metal roofs. Its latest update on the module here (which you probably can’t see) is a better wire management solution than the disc they had been using, after customer feedback indicated it wasn’t wide enough for every application. The update here completely addresses that concern.

Coming soon, you can look out for a solar installation calculator on the S-5! site.


Pegasus Solar is introducing a new tile replacement solution that they say will remove the need for cutting tile while still fitting a wide variety of tile sizes. Key to the design is the attachment sitting on the ridge of the replacement instead of the valley, which keeps it clearer from water that would be funneling through the valley.

Solar connections

Solar Connections is promoting its Solar Connection Kit. Tested to UL 2703, the kit’s cable management disc allows for cables to be top loaded and sit securely. Push-Lock Technology secures the disc to the standing seam base clamp without extra nuts and bolts. Installation is made easy with Silver Bullet set screws that have a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength without digging in and damaging paint or piercing the seam.

CED Greentech

More to come on this, because it isn’t ready yet, but be on the lookout for a new website from CED Greentech.

Snapnrack mounting

SnapNrack is all about aesthetics. Well, they do more than that, but a lot of their latest products do give a sleeker look to a rooftop array while still being functional. The look, specifically is the black skirt with no end cap required.

solar roof hooks

Solarroofhook, known for its direct attach and tile hook solutions, has an updated flashing product. Unlike its previous solution that could bend, this one is stiff, which is something its customers were asking for.


APSystems is coming out with a trunk cable version of its microinverters for those who couldn’t get into the daisy chain installation.

Energy toolbase

Energy Toolbase packed the demo stage with attendees who wanted to hear more about its new energy storage software. Energy Toolbase might be the most robust tool out there for behind the meter data and PV system modeling and proposal generation, and its new energy storage component is going to be just as robust. We will have more coverage on this posted soon.


Unirac was promoting the shorter rows and greater energy density its rooftop mounting solution makes possible. Oh, and the company recently bumped up its warranty to 25 years.

If you are looking for more product info, check out our 2017 Inverters Buyer’s Guide.

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SnapNrack hits 1 GW milestone in residential solar space

SnapNrack mountingSnapNrack, a manufacturer of solar panel mounting solutions, officially eclipsed the 1 GW mark for total deployed solar mounting systems — a pretty big achievement in the residential side of the industry. This major milestone highlights eight years and more than 150,000 installations worth of knowledge and experience that SnapNrack has in the engineering, manufacturing, design and deployment of solar mounting solutions.

“Our success is a direct result of our loyal distribution partners and installers that put SnapNrack product into use every day, they are our greatest source of learning. We truly value their input and appreciate their support”, said Chris Oestreich, Sr. Director, SnapNrack. “We were developed in the field by veteran solar installers and since our inception, focusing on the needs of the installer has been the foundation of SnapNrack”.

SnapNrack is owned by Sunrun and produces innovative residential solar mounting solutions engineered to simplify the process of installing solar modules, shorten installation times and lower installation costs to maximize productivity and profits for our customers. SnapNrack residential solar mounting solutions are designed for composition shingle, tile, metal and flat membrane roof types, as well as ground systems.

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SnapNRack extends product warranty to 20 years, enters UL Data Acceptance Program

SnapNrackSnapNrack, owned by Sunrun, produces residential solar mounting solutions engineered to optimize material use and labor resources and improve overall installation quality and safety. SnapNrack residential solar mounting solutions are designed for composition shingle, tile, metal and flat membrane roof types, as well as ground systems.

This week, the company had a bunch of updates concerning its certifications and warranties.

UL 2703 updates

For starters, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works accepted SnapNrack’s S100 UL 2703 Integrated Grounding System for Solar Installations. SnapNrack achieved its UL 2703 Listing for Series 100 and Series 200 systems in April 2014, where system components have been tested by UL for electrical continuity and certified as a sufficient ground path, eliminating the need for additional grounding hardware.

Furthermore, Series 100 is UL Listed as a Class A fire rated system when installed with Type 1 and Type 2 modules. The UL 2703 Listing is a significant benefit to installers of SnapNrack product, as it usually means:

• An Integrated Grounding System
• Overall Reduction in Material Costs
• Dramatic Reduction in Labor
• Improved Quality & Safety

In addition, the company’s Santa Cruz, Calif., R&D test facility is now a qualified participant in the UL Data Acceptance Program. Under the UL program, SnapNrack is allowed to directly submit results from in‐house UL 2703 testing, which expedites the approval process by eliminating lab scheduling conflicts.

UL’s Data Acceptance Program provides a means for UL to accept externally generated test data in support of UL Mark certification. To qualify, SnapNrack’s R&D test facility was required to have the appropriate equipment, quality systems and qualified engineering personnel needed to conduct testing, equivalent to what would be used in UL’s own laboratories for the same testing.

“Being a qualified participant in the UL Data Acceptance Program provides SnapNrack increased control over the timing and schedule of our product testing and certification program. Providing UL with a data sheet ready package at the time of submittal eliminates test time and allows UL to decrease the turnaround time for our projects,” said Chris Oestreich, Sr. Director, SnapNrack.

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Increased warranty

Next, SnapNRack doubled its limited warranty on its Series 100 Roof Mount and Series 200 Ground Mount products from 10 to 20 years at no additional cost to their customers. The increased warranty further reinforces SnapNrack’s position as a high quality manufacturer of Solar Mounting Solutions.

“Whether our customers are selling solar energy systems, or the power they produce, they can rest assured that SnapNrack mounting products are designed to be strong, safe and reliable for life of the system,” Oestreich said.

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