Moss debuts two-year solar Apprenticeship Program

Moss Apprenticeship program

Apprentices are a key component for earning the tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act. This month, Moss Construction enrolled the first 20 participants in its innovative solar apprenticeship program that will train its next crop of utility-scale solar energy construction team members.

“The Moss Apprenticeship Program was developed in response to the labor needs facing our growing industry as well as to address the recently passed IRA legislation requiring apprentice to journey worker ratios,” said Andrew McAllister, President and Chief Scaling Officer at Moss. “It also reinforces Moss’ focus on safety and quality by having an exceptional workforce.”

Moss apprentices receive 4,000 hours of supervised on-the-job training in all aspects of solar construction, along with 288 hours of related technical instruction.

“As part of our program, we also provide leadership and key life skills designed to empower our workforce with knowledge,” McAllister said. “Our mission is twofold, creating career-minded, highly skilled, and well-trained workforce and well-rounded family members that are poised to achieve their potential. That is our mission.”

For any other EPCs looking to do something similar, know that there are rules for running a registered apprenticeship program (RAP). One tricky thing is “solar installer” is not a federally recognized occupation, but it is in several states, Florida being one of them.

This Moss program is conducted in conjunction with the Florida Department of Education. When they complete the program, apprentices will receive a Nationally Recognized Certificate in the Occupation of Solar Installer. The program will be expanded to cover all states that Moss traditionally builds solar and battery projects in across the nation.

Moss is a leader in utility-scale solar construction, with 29 projects in eight states currently under construction. To date our teams have built over 10 gigawatts worth of solar projects coast to coast. The company employs 1280 salaried staff and approximately 2,500 hourly workers in solar.

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