Stay in a Real Hobbit Village


Here is some great news for all Lord of the Rings fans. Kristie Wolfe, who’s already been featured here when she built her Hawaiian tree house, has now set out to build a Hobbit village, which will be located in Chelan, Washington. The village will consist of three Hobbit dwellings, which will all be off-grid. The first one has already been completed, while the rest will be done and available to rent by mid-2016.


The first Hobbit hole has a total floor space of 288 sq ft (26.7 sq m), and features a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom. From the pictures it appears like something from The Lord of the Rings, or Hobbit movies, complete with low ceilings and circular doors. This home was designed as the home of a Hobbit carpenter and therefore features cordwood flooring, a woodworking bench and tools for whittling wood. The round door of the house was actually made from a cable spool.



The home is also completely off-the-grid, and the necessary power is supplied via three 100-watt solar panels, an inverter, and two 6-volt batteries. Water needs are taken care of by a water tower located nearby, and there is a septic tank for waste. There is also a grey water filtration system, which makes the shower bath water usable to water the grass. Heating is provided by a propane fireplace in the living room.


Since the home is buried, as all Hobbit homes are, Kristie face a number of challenges in making it sturdy. She achieved this by 2×6 studs on 12-inch centers and 3/4-inch marine plywood. The exterior of the house was wrapped with Certainteed ice guard and house wrap. To counter any water problems that might come from living underground they used a moisture guard insulation by Certainteed. In addition, they also installed a French drain around the perimeter of the home.



Kristie’s first Hobbit home is located on a 5.5 acre (2.2 hectare) plot of land and built into the mountainside. Visitors or renters will reach it through a gate in a wattle fence.

This first home will be available to rent in March 2016, while the other two Hobbit homes that will make up this village will be completed in mid-2106. There will also be a communal kitchen in the style of an English pub, as well as vegetable gardens and miniature ponies.



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