WATCH: ‘Solar Frontiers’ explores global discussions of climate change

As global leaders meet to discuss the future of climate change at COP21, Economist Films has released its latest documentary film “Solar Frontiers,” which is about the people and projects pushing the frontiers of solar power around the world.

Solar Frontiers is the third episode in the “Global Compass” series of mini-documentaries, examining new approaches to thorny social and policy problems.

The film starts in Haiti. Ravaged by an earthquake in 2010, it has since become a proving ground for new approaches to “off grid” electricity, including solar lighting. Globally, around 25 percent of people lack access to the electrical grid; in Haiti, it’s 75 percent.

But the off-grid solar power has its enthusiasts in the developed world, too. The film visits a steel works in Alabama that generates 100 percent of its own power, using vast solar arrays. Meanwhile, researchers are looking for new ways to make solar panels more efficient. One of the most promising approaches involves a new class of materials called perovskites.

Watch it above! Thanks to our pals at The Economist for sending it along.


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